Save Money on Bulk Pricing!

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1.00 LBS

Small Batch, Made Fresh!  Please allow us 1 week to prepare your order.  Please visit my Etsy Store to save money by ordering my products in bulk - 25 lbs per order.  All of my Etsy listings include FREE SHIPPING.  I've listed the bulk prices below and you can visit my Etsy store here:

Italian Hot Sausage (tubes only) - $8/lb

Cherry Smoked Hot Dogs - $9.60/lb

Smoked Kielbasa (tubes or rings) - $9.60/lb

Smoked Andouille (tubes or rings) - $9.60/lb

Pork Shoulder Bacon (whole chunks) - $9.80/lb

Canadian Bacon (whole chunks) - $9.80/lb

Buckboard Bacon (whole chunks) - $10/lb

Boneless Country Ribs (whole chunks) - $10/lb